Monday, September 30, 2013

S is for Space

Last week was all about Space and the letter Ss.  We completed a lot of fun activities centered on our theme and discussed the moon, planets, stars, and astronauts.  We learned that the Sun is a star (in fact our star) and we discussed the 8 planets in our solar system.  While reading a book about the solar system's planets, the students observed that the four planets closest to the sun are the smallest while the four planets further way are the largest.  We also discussed how Earth rotates around the sun and discovered that most of the students in the classroom have been around the sun 4 or 5 times!  The students also helped demonstrate the reason for night and day on Earth when two of our students simulated the Earth spinning on it's axis to face the sun during the day and away from the sun at night.  We also talked about gravity and how astronaut's can float when in space.  We imagined we were walking (or rather bouncing) on the moon!

Check out some pictures of our week!

For this activity, the students had to count out exactly 10 rays to put on their sun.  The students did a great job identifying the set of 10 and following directions.


Even though it was rainy on this day, our classroom was full of sunshine!

Making our very own planets using watercolors

Making our Name Rockets

A special visit from some feathered friends.  Thank you Ms. Rory for bringing in your chickens to show the class!

Music with Ms. Jenna

Letter School app.  The students enjoyed taking turns tracing the letter S on the iPad!

Our Super collection of Ss words!  

Enjoying reading books about space.

It was a rainy sunshiny kind of day :)

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