Monday, September 9, 2013

Fabulous First Week!

Our first week of school was a success!  The students are transitioning nicely into our daily routine.  Our day begins with the students coming in and completing morning work such as coloring, handwriting practice, or some other activity that can be completed fairly independently while I greet the students.  After they complete their morning work the students head to the carpet for free play.  So far this week, superheroes, cars, baby dolls, and the kitchen have been the play items of choice.  At 9:30 we clean up and join on the carpet for calendar.  This is a great opportunity for the students to practice their number recognition and counting skills and also become familiar with the days of the week.  During calendar time we also find out who the line leader is and then they lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and our Salute the Flag song.  Afterwards, we engage in our centers for the day.  Each day we have three groups that rotate among three centers.  We wear a colored button to keep track of our group.  After centers, we join on the carpet for circle time where we read a book or complete a group activity or sometimes play a game.  Next is snack and then we pack up our backpacks and head outside.  We usually spend about 15 minutes on the playground and then line up to head to carpool.

Not only have the students become accustomed to our daily routine, but they have also become familiar with our class rules.  Our class rules include; walking feet, helping hands, sharing spirits, caring hearts, looking eyes, and listening ears.  You may hear some of these phrases repeated at home :)

Below are pictures from Thursday and Friday of last week.


At one center the students began working on their counting books where they will practice writing the numbers 1-9 and identifying sets.  We started with the number 1.  

Playing with dominoes while waiting to switch centers

At another center we played with Potato Heads!

Our third center was decorating our Keepsake Art Folders with paint dotters.  Look for these to come home soon!


At circle time, we discussed how many letters are in our names.  The students did a great job counting the letters and helping spell their names!  We then discovered that Arabella has the most letters and Ric has the least letters.


The line leader leading us in the pledge
 Centers on Friday included discovery magnet bottles, coloring our mini-me, and decorating the first letter of our name with torn paper.  We tore the paper for our letters during morning work which is helpful in strengthening fine motor skills used in writing.

At circle time, we wrote shared sentences about the things we can do.  After discovering what each person can do, we read the sentences together!

After centers and circle time, we celebrated a birthday!

Happy Birthday!!

Enjoying yummy cupcakes

  Fun on the playground


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