Monday, September 16, 2013


Today we talked about friendship.  First we read a book and then discussed what being a friend means and ways that we can be a good friend.  The students had a lot of great ideas!  They also had a lot of great stories to share about their friendships :)  In the spirit of friendship, one of our friends brought handmade seashell necklaces for each friend in the class (including Ms. Hill & Buttercup)!  At our centers today, the students each drew a picture for our friendship quilt.  They also played with the Geoboards, which we borrowed from Mrs. Kathleen, to make triangles, squares, rectangles, and many more shapes. They really had a lot of fun with this activity.  We also had fun with clothespin color matching (sharpening fine motor skills) and magnets at center time.  At circle time we played a game called "Who is Missing?".  The students closed their eyes tight (no peeking!), and I tapped a student on the shoulder to come hide behind a poster board.  When the students opened their eyes they had to guess which friend was missing!  Lot of giggles ensued as we played this game :) Check out some pictures from our day!


Look, I spelled a word!


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