Thursday, October 23, 2014

Our trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch on Tuesday.  The students were very excited!  Before we went to the pumpkin patch, we read a book all about pumpkins.  We learned that, although most pumpkins are orange, they could also be white, green, and a variety of other colors.  The students had fun searching for the elusive different colored pumpkins.  We found a few white pumpkins and even a few green pumpkins!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dd is for Dinosaur and more October fun!

So far, during the month of October we have had fun learning about dinosaurs, the letter Dd, and completing other fun activities centered on math and language. The students are becoming more accustomed to our daily routine and a lot of new friendships have been forged!  We have such a sweet class and lots of friends that like to share special stories at circle time.  We are learning to raise our hand and wait for Ms. Hill to call on us before we share our story and also to listen respectfully when one student is having their turn.  Ms. Hill has had to limit the students to sharing one thing during our morning chats; otherwise we would sit and chat all day!  They are such a fun group with lots to say :)

We had a lot of fun learning about dinosaurs.  We read some great books about dinosaurs and learned  a few new names of different types of dinosaurs.  We talked about some of the features dinosaurs possessed (claws, scales, tails, wings, etc.) and also learned what the word extinct means.  There were lots of fun activities we engaged in using our dinosaur theme! 

Dinosaur patterning
The students did great with this activity!  We used tiny dinosaurs to create some basic patterns.  

Dinosaur puzzle
The whole class worked together to put this puzzle together!  Each group during centers worked on a little bit of the puzzle until finally it was completed!

Dinosaur math
The students worked hard to match the top part of the egg with a number on it to the bottom half of the egg with the corresponding amount of dots.

The students also had fun playing with dinosaur figurines.

My favorite dinosaur activity was when the students created their own dinosaur using random bits of paper.  After the students created their dinosaur, they then had to come up with a name for their dinosaur and then practice writing the name.  Buttercup and I loved seeing all of the creative ideas!


Zoesaurus and Queenosaurus

Iansaurus and Flashosaurus

Dino and Maxosaurus

Cartersaurus and Dinosaur Rex


Spikey and Dino

Letter Dd activities.  We used our cutting skills to create a book with Dd words and also practiced forming the letter Dd by using a paint dotter to dot the letter Dd.

Other fun activities

Letter builders 

Dress up!

Halloween Bingo

Ordering the letters in the alphabet.  The students took turns finding the letters of the alphabet on craft sticks to put them in order.

Silly faces!

practicing writing the number 4 for our number book

building a really cool racecar

Playground fun!