Saturday, April 25, 2015

April Fun: Easter and Bike Day

We celebrated Easter with fun Easter activities and an egg hunt at the park!

Easter egg upper to lower case match.  

Using colorful strips of paper make a decorative Easter egg.

Painting an Easter cross.

Our class Easter party and egg hunt

Bike Day!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Rr is for Rainbow and more March fun

Our last two weeks of March, we had fun sharpening our math and language skills, and also learning about the letter Rr and rainbows!!

 We had fun one day engaging in language centers such as sight word clothespinning, a matching lower to upper case letter puzzle, alphabet bingo, and a matching lower to upper case worksheet.

Fun with math and shapes
We played a game on the carpet where each student took turns spinning the number spinner and then locating a stack of blocks that had the same amount as the number indicated.

We also had fun playing Go-Fish.  The students did a great job with game and we practiced holding the cards in our hand like fans!

Pom-pom math
The students had to use tweezers to place the correct amount of pom-poms in their basket indicated by the number on their shape.

During one center, the students sorted the blocks by shape and then built some awesome structures!

Tangram puzzles
The students matched shapes to create a picture.

Shape pizzas
We had a lot of fun putting toppings on our pizzas using shapes and then counting and writing how many of each shape was on our pizza.

Rr is for Rainbow

We had fun the last week of March learning about rainbows, specifically the color order in the rainbow.  We learned an acronym to help us remember the color order in the rainbow; ROY G BIV.  We even got to watch a cute music video about ROY G BIV by They Must be Giants.  

Making our own ROY G BIV by carefully putting his hair in rainbow color order.

Felt board rainbow

Coloring a rainbow by coloring in the correct color indicated by the acronym ROY G BIV.

Using rainbow colors to paint masterpieces

Rainbow clouds.  The students used their knowledge of rainbow color order again to place the colored streamers in rainbow color order.  They they practiced their handwriting skills by writing the word 'rainbow'.

 Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring break!!