Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine Fun

This past week we have had fun with activities centered around Valentine's Day!  In the spirit of love and friendship, we read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and shared stories about times that we showed kindness to our friends.  Then we made our very own Rainbow Fish using small, medium, and large hearts!

We also used our imaginations to create our very own Valentine creatures using different sized hearts.  The students had really great ideas about what type of creature they wanted to create and Buttercup and I were impressed with their ability to create a likeness of the creature they choose!  We also practiced our awesome handwriting skills by writing a sentence with the name of our creature.

Marble painting was another fun activity we engaged in this week.  We placed a paper with a heart on it in a box along with purple, pink, and red paint and a few marbles.  The students then tilted the box back and forth allowing the marbles to roll into the paint and then across their heart paper for a cool effect.  The students had to be super careful not to tilt the box too far and lose their marbles!


Vv is for Valentine: practicing writing the letter Vv
Hard at work making Valentine cards


We love to play outside!  


Our Valentine party and Valentine exchange was a huge success!

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