Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ice and Mittens

For the past two weeks we have been enjoying cold weather activities centered around ice and mittens.

 During our ice themed week, we made icicles, igloos, painted with ice, and even went ice fishing!

To make icicles, we drew a line of glue across the top of a piece of paper and then held the paper up while the glue dripped down making icicles!  We then added sparkles and used our handwriting skills to write the word Icicle on our paper.

waiting for the glue to drip down

We also had fun ice painting with frozen paint!

Making igloos by carefully gluing a packing peanut in each square of the igloo.

Ice Fishing was a big hit and is now one of our favorite center activities.  The students used a magnetic fishing pole to fish for letters out of an ice pond.  After they collected all the fish, the students did a great job naming the uppercase letter fish and lowercase letter fish they caught!

We read the book The Mitten  by Jan Brett, which the students really enjoyed.  It is a cute story about a little boy who loses his mitten in the snow and animals such as a hedgehog, a fox, a badger, a rabbit, a mole, a bear, and a mouse squeeze inside to get warm.  Eventually, the bear sneezes and all of the animals fly out of the mitten.  The students enjoyed recreating this story as they squeezed into a "mitten".

We also had fun with mittens by first watercoloring our very own mitten and then choosing an animal from magazines to hide under the mitten.  After the students cut the animal from the magazine and glued it underneath the mitten, they wrote the name of their animal.  We worked together to figure out what letters were in our animals name by listening to the sounds in the name.  

Here are some pictures of our other activities:

ABC bingo

Playing the bongo drum with Ms. Jenna.

Friends reading together

Building, creating, and using our imagination!

Working together to complete a puzzle

Number Fun:  the students used a key at the bottom of the paper to place the appropriate colored sticker on each number.

Practicing writing the number 6 for our number book.

February placemats

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