Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ss is for Space

The week of September 22-26, we learned all about Space! We learned that the Sun is a star (in fact our star) and we discussed the 8 planets in our solar system.  We also discussed how Earth rotates around the sun and discovered that most of the students in the classroom have been around the sun 3 or 4 times!  The students also helped demonstrate the reason for night and day on Earth when two of our students simulated the Earth spinning on it's axis to face the sun during the day and away from the sun at night.  We also completed many activities centered on the space theme including making our own planets and making name rockets.

For our planets, the students watercolor painted coffee filters and then glued them on a black piece of paper along with stars.

We also made name rockets.  The students did great writing each letter of their name on each square of their rocket!  Next, they added glitter glue to make rocket boosters!

We also made suns by gluing down a yellow circle and adding orange rays around the sun.  Next, the students counted how many rays were on their sun and then practiced writing that number.

We also played a fun game where the students had to match the number of stacked snap blocks with the number on each star (1-6).

We also talked about the letter Ss.  
We discussed the sound letter Ss makes and also practiced writing it.

untracing the letter Ss
forming the letter S with star stickers

Other fun activities!

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