Sunday, September 14, 2014

Aa is for Apple

This past week, we learned all about apples!  We learned that apples come in different colors (red, green, yellow), about the parts of the apple and which parts are edible, how apples grow, and much more!  We also talked about the letter Aa and practiced both recognizing and writing it.  One day this week, we even made our own mini apple pies using crescent roll dough, apples, and cinnamon,.  The students had fun making their own apple desert and of course enjoyed eating it for snack!

Morning work on Monday included dominoes and snap blocks (sharpening those fine motor skills).

Our line leader and caboose leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance!

At our apple math center, we measured the height of an apple with cubes and measured the circumference of the apple with a piece of yarn.

At another center, we used homemade apple pie playdough to make apples on an apple tree.

Playing Dress up!

Hunting for green apples in our sensory bin

On Tuesday we continued our apple themed centers with play-doh modeling of the capital and lowercase letter Aa. 

We also played a game where we rolled a die and removed that amount of apples from the apple tree.

On Thursday, we read a story about a little red house with no windows or doors and has a star inside.  The students were excited when I cut an apple crosswise and revealed a star inside the apple.


One of our centers on Friday was making an apple life cycle.  "Eat an apple, Save the core, Plant some seeds, Grown some more!"

At another center, we practiced writing the letter Aa in cornmeal.  The students did a great job and were careful to keep the cornmeal in the tray!

Apple fun with the flannel boards

Our torn paper apple trees we completed on Wednesday on display in the hall. They turned out super cute and the students had fun tearing the red and green paper we used to make our trees.

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