Sunday, October 13, 2013

D is for Dinosaur

Last week we had fun learning about dinosaurs and the letter Dd!  We discussed different types of dinosaurs and learned a lot of dinosaur facts.  Some of our friends knew a lot about dinosaurs already and were eager to share what they knew!  We also practiced writing the letter Dd, practiced saying the d-d-d-d sound, and discussed words that begin with the letter Dd.

At one of our centers, the students used dinosaurs to make patterns.  The students began the activity by copying a pattern I made and then practiced making their own patterns.  Everyone did a fabulous job!

At another center the students dotted the letter Dd with paint dotters. They were careful to stay on the lines.

Dinosaur puzzle!  Since this was such a big puzzle, each group of students at centers helped to put it together.  They were very excited when it was all completed!

Another dinosaur activity the students had fun with was the dinosaur number matching activity.  They had to match the written number with the correct amount of dots to put the baby dinosaur's egg together!

Dd is also for dress-up!  One of our favorite centers!


The students practiced writing the letter Dd in purple sand.

This week we also painted like dinosaurs!  The students used dinosaur claws to paint.

My favorite activity this week was when the students created their own dinosaurs.  After we discussed the different features dinosaurs possess, the students used various cut out shapes (tails, necks, legs, claws, spikes, etc.) to create their own dinosaur.  Creative juices were flowing as each student created a unique dinosaur!  The students also thought of a name to describe the type of dinosaur they created (forcing Ms. Hill to use some inventive spelling!).  Then they practiced their writing skills by tracing the letters of their dinosaur's created name.  Check out our dinosaurs!



One-footed brachiosaurus




Two-headed T-rex




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