Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fabulous February!!

February was a busy month.  In addition to Valentine's Day and Donuts with Dad, we also celebrated the 100th day of school, observed Groundhog Day, talked about fairytales, learned about dental health, and focused on the letters G, V, K, and Q.

Making our Groundhog puppets


Cutting out the letter Gg, which we later decorated with green glitter!!
Gg is for Geoboard

making goo with cornstarch and water


The students loved our Valentine marble painting.  We put three different colors of paint in a box along with several marbles. The students had to tilt the box to allow the marbles to roll over the heart, making some really neat patterns.

Valentine counting game.  The students had to put the correct amount of hearts that corresponded with the number in each portion of our containers.  

We made Rainbow fish and Valentine creatures using hearts! For our Valentine creatures, the students put their imaginations to work coming up with the name of their creature and then practiced their awesome handwriting skills to write the name of their creature.

Our variety of Vv words!

The 100th Day of School was so much fun!!  We counted to 100, made a snack with 100 items, read a story about the 100th day of school, used 100 cups for cup stacking, and donned our 100th day hats with 100 stickers on them!

Making our 100th day trail mix

Cup stacking with 100 cups

Taking turns handing out Valentine's!

Dental Health week.  We talked about ways to keep our teeth healthy and also completed some fun activities with teeth!

The students used white paint and a toothbrush to make the dirty teeth clean!

We had fun gluing marshmallow teeth to pink paper to make a mouth.  We even got to eat some of the marshmallows afterwards! 

Using floss to clean gunk between teeth (play-doh and mega blocks).

Checking out the frozen water fountain on a cold February day!

Making surprises for Dad!!

We love to play on the field with the bouncy balls, hula hoops, soccer balls, and basket balls.

The last week of February, we talked about fairytales.  We read stories such as Cinderella, The Frog Prince, and The Princess and the Pea.  We had fun putting together fairytale puzzles as a group, making a castle and giving it a name, and learning about the letters Kk and Qq.

Using Q-tips to paint the letter Qq

untracing the letter Q

Our fabulous fairytale castles!

Can't wait for a Marvelous March!

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