Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Welcome Back! Jan 6-9

Everyone was so excited last week to get back to school and see all of our friends! There was lots of hugs and excited chatter about family fun had over the holidays.  We enjoyed sharing about our favorite holiday moments and some of the fun Christmas gifts we received.  We were also excited to welcome a new student to our class!

Last week, we also began working on recognizing and writing our last names.  Giggles ensued as Ms. Hill called us by our last names to line up instead of our first names.  Here are some pictures from our week:

lower case alphabet bingo

Making our January calendars. Happy New Year!

Practicing writing the number 8. 

We had fun playing the bean bag game since it was so cold outside! 

We couldn't resist checking out the beautiful icicles in the bird bath!

  One morning last week, we set out paper, scissors, and crayons and let our creative juices flow.  Everyone was excited to hang up their creations for display in the classroom.

Puzzles with friends

Last week, we also had fun completing an activity about the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.  We read the poem and then reenacted it using blocks (the wall) and Mr. Potato Head (Humpty Dumpty).  Afterwards we discussed solutions to the problem of Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall and breaking.  The students came up with some great solutions such as using band-aids, tape, and glue to put Humpty together again.  We also discussed ways we could prevent Humpty from breaking such as putting down items like soft blankets, a trampoline, and snow. 

Painting feet for our penguin placemat.

Check out our matching boots!

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